PurpleAir Data Download Tool

An open-source tool for downloading PurpleAir data from the PurpleAir API. Our API use guidelines should be adhered to while using this tool.


To download and install this tool, click on one of the direct download links below or visit the repository and open the “src-tauri” folder and then the “target” folder. Once there, open the folder matching your operating system. The application file will be inside of that folder for you to download.

A video tutorial on the installation can be found here. Note that the download location in this video is incorrect. Use the links above to find the correct download file. Everything else is correct. The timestamp for the Mac installation is 1:26 and the timestamp for the Windows installation is 0:00.

A video tutorial on the usage of this tool is available in the same video at 2:53.


You will need PurpleAir API keys with history access to use the tool. API keys are issued per user, not per sensor. If you do not have keys, you can create them here: PurpleAir Develop.

Learn more about creating and managing API keys here: Creating API Keys.

Our API use guidelines apply to the use of this tool. Review our API Guidelines here: API Use Guidelines.

If you make a large request, the tool may freeze when your computer goes to sleep. We recommend keeping your computer from sleeping while making a large request or splitting it into multiple requests.

Issues and Feedback

The project link on GitLab contains more information about the tool and its use. If you run into issues while using the tool, please use the issues tab in GitLab to inform us of them. You can also send an email to incoming+purpleair-api-clients-data-download-tool-42571353-3rvhlnmngnj1xhzwzy885pxn4-issue@incoming.gitlab.com.

The tool is open source, and we encourage contributions and feedback. We will continue to improve this tool in the future.


I can not make this tool work and the info on Github is of no help.
The issue seems to be in the “fields”. I have listed several fields
exactly as given in the PA documentation, but error is “invalid fields”.
Even when I used a simple field like “temperature” i get this error message:
Error Code: 403
Error: ApiDisabledError
Description: API calls to this endpoint (get_sensor_history) have been restricted. Please try again later or contact PurpleAir for more information.
Making request 1.

Hi @Dan_Jaffe,

This tool requires access to the historical API. As the error message mentions, access has been restricted. However, I have just enabled access to the history endpoints on your API keys. Try again, and see if you are now able to download data.

Let us know how it goes. If you continue to receive this error message, email us with your API keys so we can ensure that history access is granted.