Setting Up the PurpleAir Data Download Tool

The Purple Data Download Tool allows you to download PurpleAir data from any time period with no programming experience. The tool uses the PurpleAir API in the background.

The steps below will teach you how to download and set up the PurpleAir Data Download Tool.

  1. Since this tool uses the PurpleAir API, you will need API keys. We have a tutorial on creating API keys here: Creating API Keys.

  2. New API keys will not work right away. Signing up for an account on will grant you one million points to start. These points need to be moved to a project to be used. A tutorial on moving your points is available here: New API Dashboard.

  3. Now that your API keys are ready to be used, you can download the PurpleAir Data Download Tool. Download links are available in the following article: PurpleAir Data Download Tool. A video tutorial of the installation is found in the second paragraph of the “Installation” section of that same article.

  4. Once the PurpleAir Data Download Tool is downloaded, you can open it up to be greeted by the “Home” page (it may appear different depending on the version you have).

  5. Your API keys will need to be entered into the tool to be used. Click on the “API Keys” tab on the left to view the page where they can be entered. Copy your API read key into the “API Read Key” field, and copy your API write key into the “API Write Key” field.

    Your API keys can be found in the “API Keys” tab on

    If you want your API keys to be saved so that you do not need to re-enter them the next time the tool is opened, ensure the “Save API Keys” checkbox is checked in the “Settings” page.

You can now use the PurpleAir Data Download Tool. The “Download” tab will allow you to specify the data you are looking for and download it. More information is found here: Using the PurpleAir Data Download Tool.

We are open to any feedback or suggestions you have.