Category Topics

PurpleAir Sensors

This category provides a knowledge base and information on PurpleAir sensors and a place to discuss the hardware.

PurpleAir Data

PurpleAir is built on the ideal of sharing data and by doing this, empowering individuals to effect change. All public PurpleAir data is available to download under various licenses from private, not for profit use to educational and commercial use. The common element between these uses is to share attribution. This section serves as a starting point for information on accessing, using and interpreting PurpleAir data.

Real-Time Map

This category will guide you through the basics of the PurpleAir Real-time Map. The map provides a convenient view of air quality and other PurpleAir data throughout the world as well as in your own neighborhood.

Community Projects

Show off your PurpleAir projects or ask the community questions about using PurpleAir sensors in community projects. This category will serve as a place to share and learn about using air quality sensors in community projects.


This category contains general information and resources.

User Experience

This category can be used to share your experiences with PurpleAir. It is a great place to post feedback, feature requests, and bug reports.