Download Sensor Data

This method of downloading data is no longer available. We created a download tool that uses the PurpleAir API. More information is available here: PurpleAir Data Download Tool.

You can easily download historical data from PurpleAir sensors in CSV format. Access the “Sensor data download tool” page by one of the following methods:

  1. After selecting an area of interest within the PurpleAir map, click the Download Data button (downward facing arrow) in the bottom-left corner. This will open the “Sensor data download tool” page for all sensors within the map view you’ve chosen.
  2. Click on a sensor on the PurpleAir map, then hover the mouse cursor over the “Get this widget” link. A “Download Data” link will then be displayed for that individual sensor.

If your desired sensor no longer appears active on the map, consider increasing the “Reporting or modified within” field selection.

Once on the “Sensor data download tool” page, enter the desired date range in the Start Date and End Date fields. Select the checkboxes on the left side for the data channels you’d like to download (Channels A and/or B). Now either click Download Selected, or use the individual buttons on the right side to download only Primary or Secondary data for these channels.

For more information on the “Sensor data download tool” page and the data included in each channel, view the topic “Download Data with the Sensor Data Download Tool.”

We recommend the use of the Google Chrome browser to download data.


My sensor has stopped updating on my phone app. Today I could not find it on your area map. It is connected, powered, and appears to be functioning. What do I do?

Hello, I am a researcher working at the National Cancer Center in Korea. We are measuring indoor air quality by moving from house to house.

Since October 25 last year, it has been impossible to download data through the map, but it has been updated again, and data through the map has been available since December 27. But I still need the API key to download the previous data. I am contacting A about this and asking how to solve it, but I haven’t received any answer since December 29th.

Please tell me how I can contact you.

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You can request API keys by emailing us at Include a first name, last name, and email.