How do I download sensor data?

Map Download

Data that appears in the graph on the PurpleAir map can be downloaded. Learn more here: Download Map Graph Data.

PurpleAir API

An API is a tool that allows you to access data through code. The PurpleAir API gives you access to real-time or historical data from any time. API keys are needed to use the API. The following link will get you started with the API: API Landing Page

You can learn more about creating API keys, using the API dashboard, and making API calls from these articles:

Data Download Tool

The PurpleAir Data Download Tool allows users to download PurpleAir data from any time period and does not require any programming experience. Learn more here: PurpleAir Data Download Tool.

This tool uses the PurpleAir API, and API keys are required to use it. Learn to create API keys here: Creating API Keys.

Querying A Sensor Over WiFi

You can obtain data directly from a sensor over WiFi. Instructions for this are in our View Local Sensor Output Over WiFi article. Documentation for the information available this way is found here: Local JSON Documentation.

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I’ve been used loaned sensors from an EPA library, to set up in our city, over the last 14 weeks. We had a few problems setting up, (on some sensors one of the pair of sensors was not working properly) but otherwise good data for up to 7 weeks. Shortly, these sensors will be loaned to someone else. These are all associated with my email address at the moment, for enquiries. I registered them on the map at their current sites. The MAC numbers are utimately the property of the EPA. My questions are:
Do I need to hurry and set up my info retrieval today, as the sensors are being disconnected today and tomorrow? Do I set up a different project for each sensor, to start with? I suppose I am really asking on what basis do I have access to data? I will probably have more questions! Many thanks. One other thing, another member of our group has also purchased a sensor. Obviously she has set it up in her name, email etc… Can I analyse her data for her too?

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Hi Sue,

It may be easiest to do a video/phone call, so we can better understand your situation, which will help us answer your questions. If you think that would be best, email us at, and we can set up a meeting.

Ok, Andrew, many thanks. I was going to have a crack at trying to work it out now. I’ll email you tomorrow if I get stuck.

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