Is my raw data available?

I have been doing a citizen science project on PM2.5 and have downloaded a number of graphs over the past few months. I now wonder if the raw data is available on the server in case someone asks for it. Is it? How can I download it for two periods, one last autumn and one this spring.

Also, what is the best way to download this information in case anyone else wants to analyse it?

I am not a data scientist so need simple instructions.

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Hi @Donny_Gadee

The data available through is limited. However, extensive data is available through our API. For you, the easiest way to retrieve the data you’re looking for would probably be to use the data download tool. You can get started with the download tool and the API here: API Landing Page

Additionally, it is important to note the the API is a paid service. Although you get 1 million points upon account creation. If you’re a sensor owner, you can get its data for free. More information is available here: API Points for Sensor Owners