I need real-time PM 2.5 historical data of sensors in eastern North Carolina for my MS thesis

I need real-time PM 2.5 historical data of sensors in eastern North Carolina for my MS thesis. The real-time PM 2.5 historical data I need is between September 25, 2021, to April 10, 2022, from all the sensors in eastern North Carolina, US, at Eastern Time (not UTC).

Having spent time reading through the Purpleair website and documentation, I realized that there are two methods of downloading sensor data from the Purpleair website, i.e., through the purple air API calls or the Data download tool. I have watched the tutorial video on how to download data using the data download tools, and it is quite interesting. I found the process more efficient as it does not require programming.

I have used the Purpleair develop tool to create API keys which is one of the requirements to download the data. Using the data download tool, the request information and sensor information sections were properly filled, but when I clicked on the “Get data” button, the progress threw an error “Payment is required to make this api call.”

I need assistance on how to download the data with all the requirements. I appreciate your help. Thank you.

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Hi @opejinabdul,

This is likely occurring because points have not been moved from your organization to your project.

Your organization starts with one million points. However, these points still need to be added to projects. On https://develop.purpleair.com/ home, select the “Projects” tab. Next to the project you want to add points to, select the “Update Project” button. Near the top of this pop-up is your organization’s total number of points. Below that, you can enter the number of points to give to this project. Once that is updated, you can make API calls with your keys.

More information is available here: New API Dashboard.

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I appreciate the information, I will heed the guidelines and reach out if I have any other issues. Many thanks

Hi Abdulahi Opejin

Sorry, I wanted to know if you found a way to download the data.

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Yes. I finally found way to download the data. I am sorry for the late response, just seeing this message