Download multiple sensors for a long period


Im reaching out to request the raw PM2.5 data over 11 years period (2010-2021) for South Korea. We are conducting the research which need to look at the spatial and temporal trend of PM2.5. What I found is South Korea has more than 100 censors and the number of sensors varied across time period. I tried out several way to access data.

  • Request data from Sensor data download tool which we can download multiple data from multiple desired sensors. I tried this way, but it takes time to download even several sensors a time. And this has a limitation that data will be loaded in separated file corresponding to each sensor without location detail information (longitude & latitude).

  • Request data using API key, I’m contacting them for the key, and it seems the API key will be provided within 24 hours. By this way, there are limit on API to download multiple censor data within a wide range of time. But still, we need the key to try.

  • I also contact Purpleair via email however I have not received the response.

As we need the data urgent, I would like to leave a request via the browser.

I hope to receive your response soon.
The data I want are as the structure below:

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PurpleAir launched in 2015, approximately. They won’t have data before then, and likely not in South Korea until the sensors were installed. Have you checked with the Ministry of Environment if they have any sensor data for your project?

Hi, thank you for your response. Yes, I just check the availablility of the data from PurpleAir and it seems you provides data from 2017. Can the website provide data from 2017 to 2021. It is very useful if I can check all available data from PurpleAir for South Korea. The final goal is to compare Purple air data with other data source in terms of usefulness for cohort study.

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Should be able to. It’ll be easier to script with an API key. If you don’t hear anything from PurpleAir, email them again; they’re a bit backed up on API key requests. Also be sure to read the Terms of Service as there are restrictions on republishing PurpleAir data.

If you’re running a comparison study, read the papers the US EPA has been publishing in that area. The presentation attached to this page provides links to their recent work: ORD Updates: AirNow Fire and Smoke Map | Science Inventory | US EPA