Download Map Graph Data

Graph data on the PurpleAir map can now be downloaded by clicking on the graph menu and selecting “Download CSV” or “Download XLS.” Selecting one of these options will download a file to your device containing the data that appears in the graph.

Data can be downloaded for any data layer, conversion factor, and averaging period.

More information on using the map graph is available here: How to use the Map Graph.


The map graph data down load is so limited in length VS resolution that it is of no real value.
The current restricted access historical API is not useful for most users and will in time drive away your customer base of the small local scientific community.
The download tool that was removed is what users want and need. A simple, easy, clean way to access their historical data in what ever resolution and time frame they need.
If your servers can not handle the data load then bandwidth limits on each down load is a far better way to go. If a uses tries to download a LOT of data they will simply have to wait a very long time for it but it will arrive in time. This will result in users becoming quite careful to download only the data they need while still staying true to a open policy on accessing historical data by all.


This is a perfectly fair critique, and we’re sorry that this has made things difficult for you. First off, if you need access to the historical API endpoints, please feel free to send us an email at so we can grant access.

The map graph download tool is essentially a temporary stop-gap that we have created to help our non-programmer users. We’re currently working on the next iteration of the data download tool. We’re also looking into other temporary tools in the meantime.