View Local Sensor Output over WiFi (JSON Data)

You can get the same data from your PurpleAir device that it sends to the map. To do this, you will need to first connect your device to wifi so it can be assigned an IP address on your network.

Note that this will show data in a raw JSON file, not a user-friendly web page. The image below is what it might look like if you view the JSON in your web browser. We’ve redacted some sensitive information for our device.

You’ll need to find the IP address assigned to the device by your router. Details on how to obtain this information can differ depending on the exact router or network setup you have. If you send a web request to the IP address assigned to your sensor with “/json” added to the end, you will see the raw JSON data it reports.

This data is the same that’s sent to the PurpleAir map.

Example Address:

You can also use “/json?live=true” to see the latest data collected by the sensor. Using “/json” shows data averaged over two minutes, while data viewed with “/json?live=true” is reported every second.

This will not change how often your device reports on the map. It will only show the second-to-second data directly from your device. The data also does not update automatically in your web browser, and you’ll have to refresh the page manually to see updated readings.

Example Address:

Any method of obtaining data over http can use the address with /json. Here’s an example using the curl utility:

curl ''