Date Limits?

I’m new at this, and not very technically inclined. I’m using the Sensor data download tool, and I asked for all the data from 7/4/22 to today (12/16/22), and only got data from 7/4/22 to 8/31/22. Then, when I asked for 8/30/22 to 12/16/22, I only got 8/30 and 8/31. Asking for 9/1 to 12/16 gave me an empty set.

What’s up with that?


I had the same problem. I think that PurpleAir no longer allows downloading from the map page. They require downloading from the API site. I have a request in for a step-by-step guide to doing this, being also “not very technically inclined.” So far no answer to my request.

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The map graph data down load is so limited in length VS resolution that it is of no real value.
The current restricted access historical API is not useful for most users and will in time drive away the customer base of the small local scientific community. As well the API provides only raw data not AQI values requiring every user to write correct processing software to produce accurate AQI values, not a easy or straight forward task.
The download tool that was removed is what users want and need. A simple, easy, clean way to access their historical data in what ever resolution and time frame they need.
If purple air servers can not handle the data load then bandwidth limits on each down load is a far better way to go. If a uses tries to download a LOT of data they will simply have to wait a very long time for it but it will arrive in time. This will result in users becoming quite careful to download only the data they need while still staying true to a open policy on accessing historical data by all.

Why not just download from your device’s SD card, thus bypassing servers owned by another entity? Is that possible? I’ve got a sky quality meter that reads every two minutes, a weather station reporting every 16 seconds, a Geiger counter that beeps with every recorded event, plus the Purple. I just wanted to pull my nighttime readings at specific, yet varying times each night. It should be a simple enough task. KCOCREST65

Unfortunately for myself I have several sensors currently located from British Columba to Nova Scotia in Canada. They are not easily physically accessible. The good news I have found PurpleAir sensors very reliable and so physical access is not normally required.
For my application only cloud based data bases work in a application that is geographically widely spaced.


We recently released a temporary download tool for users to download PurpleAir data. We have a community article about it here: PurpleAir Data Download Tool .