Download the complete historical series from the sensor every 30 minutes

Hello, I’ve been following the Purple Air sensor network for a while now.

I’ve tried several times to download the historical data series with a 30-minute average for all the data that the sensor “MPPA_MRT_01_2ndFloor” has captured. This sensor has been operational since 2020, and I want the historical series with a 30-minute average from that period to the current moment. I can download the annual average for the entire historical series, but for this specific 30-minute interval, which is my interest, the platform limits me to approximately 3 days.

Does anyone have a solution?

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Hi @Augusto_Gabriel

The PurpleAir map only shows recent data. To access more historical data, which it sounds like you want to do, you will have to use our API. It is important to note that the API is now a paid service, however, all new users are automatically supplied with one million points.

We also provide the Data Download Tool, which makes receiving data from the API much simpler.

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