Only about two weeks of data download at 1-hour resolution

I’m trying to download all available data at 1-hour resolution (I’m trying to download air temperature data if that makes a difference). I’ve tried a few outdoor sensors and I get the same results. If I set averaging period to 1 hour, and Reporting to All Time, then I download a csv, I get only about 2 weeks worth of data. If I set longer averaging, I get longer data sets. Is there a dataset size limit? Is there a way around this size limit?

Hello Sebster,

Something to keep in mind, the temperature reflects the operating conditions for the PurpleAir device. Generalized correction factors are applied to temperature and humidity data presented on the map, but this correction will not cover all circumstances.

The map has history data period limits. They are as follows:

Real-time: 2 days
10-minute : 3 days
30-minute: 7 days
1-hour: 14 days
6-hour: 90 days
1-day: 1 year
1-week: 5 years
1-month: 20 years
1-year: 100 years

You can learn more about how to use the map here: How to Use the Map Graph

If you want to query outside those limits, I recommend using the PurpleAir Data Download Tool or our API.

Learn more about our tool here: PurpleAir Download Tool
More information about our API can be found here: PurpleAir API
Details on making API calls are here: Making API Calls with the PurpleAir API

Hey Ashley, what’s the correction used for the values on the map? I’m using the raw values from the API in my app and want to make sure they’re as accurate as possible.