Get sensor history (CSV) successful request, but no data downloaded


I am using the API to request a daily history for a specified time period from a sensor. I used the PurpleAir API manual to send a request as described by the manual. The request was successful, but no data was downloaded.

Here is the message I received from the Response:

200 success

I am unclear what I am missing and why the data was not downloaded. I appreciate any assistance.

Thank you.

Hi @Joshua_Culpepper, this is likely due to the sensor either being offline during that time or being marked as private. If it was private, you will need to use the sensor read key to collect the data. If the sensor was offline, the data would not be available.

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Thank you for the response. I am seeing data for this sensor if I look at a weekly time step, but attempting to get daily data, I am not seeing anything. Should I email about the sensors that Iā€™m interested in to get access to this data? Thank you.