Historical Sensor data

I am working on Air Pollution modeling, I am able to download sensor data at a high temporal resolution for a few days. I would like to get sensor data for the county of San Francisco from Jan 2018 to March 2020. Upon going though the FAQs, I have mailed the PurpleAir team at contact@purpleair.com. I have received an automated acknowledgement, I am yet to hear back from the PurpleAir team. Can someone help me out with the issue?


Hi @Gaurav, we responded to your email. We also recently posted a community article showing how to use bounding boxes. Using bounding boxes in the API allows for easier data collection across a geographic area. If you would like further assistance or still have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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Hi @Josh_PurpleAir,

Thank you for the help. I have collected the list of sensors for a given bounding, and I have created a group as suggested in other posts. I am however unable to get historical data of sensors (2018 - 2021) in the San Francisco region. Is it possible that the PurpleAir sensors were not setup then, if not kindly let me know if I am missing something. I am following the code mentioned in Issue #3726

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What does your response look like when making a historical API call for a given sensor in your list? Are you receiving an error message or is the response empty (in the code you’re following, this would be printed as ‘------------- No Data Available -------------’ in the console)?

I get an empty reponse saying ‘------------- No Data Available -------------’.

Can you provide a few of the sensor indexes in your list? We’d like to try to replicate the issue.

Hi, kindly find the list of sensors here link to sensors list

I did a test download using monthly averages with the full sensor list. Upon a quick eyeball, I’d say around 90% of the sensors in the list have data from the time period you’re looking at. The issue you’re running into must be an issue with the code.

Another option would be to use the PurpleAir Data Download Tool. This tool will give you an easy interface for downloading historical data. You can even turn the sensor list you shared into a CSV and then upload that CSV into the Download Tool to autofill the “sensor index” field with all of the sensors, which will make things much easier. I can offer more detailed instructions on that process if you’re curious.