Q: How do I log in to the PurpleAir map?

A: At this time, you can only log in to the PurpleAir website with a Google associated account. If you set the Owner’s Email to a Google account when registering the sensor, you can log in to the PurpleAir map. This enables you to use the “Show My Sensors” checkbox in the map legend to view your PurpleAir sensors, which can be especially useful if you have registered your sensor as private. If you use a non-Google associated account, you will not be able to login to the map.

Learn how to associate your email address to a Google account here: Sign in to your Google Account with another email address - Computer - Google Account Help

To log in:

  1. Click Login in the upper right-hand corner of the PurpleAir map.
  2. Select the Google account set as the Owner’s Email for your PurpleAir sensor(s).
  3. Enter your Google account password.

To change the Owner’s Email on a PurpleAir sensor that was already registered, send a request by emailing us here.

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This works fine, but I don’t stay logged in for long. Generally, restarting my web browser logs me out, so I need to login again next time I visit PurpleAir. I observe this in both Firefox and Safari.

I am able to stay logged in at Google and many other websites pretty much indefinitely, through multiple browser restarts. I assume that this is accomplished with cookies. I’m not blocking or deleting cookies, or anything like that.

I see that PurpleAir places 16 cookies in my browser. I imagine that some of those cookies pertain to maintaining a login session, but it isn’t working for me.

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Yes, can this fix be prioritized?