Q: How do I log in to the PurpleAir map?

A: At this time, you can log in to the PurpleAir website with a Google account. If you set the Owner’s Email to a Google account when registering the sensor, you can log in to the PurpleAir map. This enables you to use the “Show My Sensors” checkbox in the map legend to view your PurpleAir sensors, which can be especially useful if you have registered your sensor as private.

To log in:

  1. Click Login in the upper right-hand corner of the PurpleAir map.
  2. Select the Google account set as the Owner’s Email for your PurpleAir sensor(s).
  3. Enter your Google account password.

To change the Owner’s Email on a PurpleAir sensor that was already registered, send a request here.

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