Associated Email vs. Owner's Email

Associated Email

This is the email address used by the buyer to complete the purchase of the sensor and is used as a reference. This email address is paired with the MAC address of all sensors bought in the same transaction and must be used as the Associated Email to register the sensor. This can be any number of emails but only one can be used when registering. The associated email address will get an email notification upon registering. If it is the same as the owner’s email address, only one email will get sent; if they are different, an email will get sent to both email addresses.

Owner’s Email

The owner’s email address is put in when registering and is the email address typically of the person hosting the sensor or a group email used to see “my sensors”. If you are logged into the PurpleAir map this is the email address the map uses as the owner, so when looking at “my sensors” you would use the owner’s email address to log in to the PurpleAir map. This makes it easy to move the sensor to another person and change the owner’s email after archiving a sensor. If it moves, and we archive the data, the owner’s email is removed and only the associated email(s) can register the sensor again while adding a different owner email.

Viewing Private Sensors

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Archiving Sensors

This section has been moved to What does it mean to Archive a PurpleAir Sensor?.

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