Associated Email vs. Owner's Email

Associated Email

This is the email address used by the buyer to complete the purchase of the sensor and is used as a reference to the purchase order. This email address is paired with the device ID of all sensors bought in the same transaction and must be used as the Associated Email when registering the sensor(s). There can be multiple associated email addresses, but only one can be used when filling out the registration form. Once registration is submitted, the associated email addresses and the owner’s email address will get a confirmation email with registration and device details. If the associated and owners email is the same then only one registration email will be sent.

If you want to add multiple Associated Email addresses or have an Associated Email or Owner’s Email changed, please contact

Pro Tip: Create a sensor-specific email address if you purchase sensors for a business, university, group, or organization. This way, multiple users can access the sensors without sharing personal information.
Ex., or

Owner’s Email

The owner’s email address is added during registration and is typically the email address of the person hosting the sensor. You will use this email address to log into the map and view any sensors listed under the owner’s email. If the sensor moves location and we archive the data, the sensor will need to be re-registered with one of the associated email addresses.

Please keep in mind that the registration page will allow you to add any email as the owner’s email, but to log in to the map and see the sensors associated with that email, you will have to use a Google-associated email address as the owner’s email

Viewing Private Sensors

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Archiving Sensors

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