Indoor sensor not showing on map

I recently installed an indoor sensor. PA-I. I did connection to wifi and the registration. All seemed to go well. I made it so the info from this sensor is not public. I can log into the sensor and see it is reading the air quality. When I go to the map I do not see it. I am logged into the purpleair site. I also have an outdoor sensor which is working as expected.


I received an email from my indoor sensor registration. The email had a link to the map and on that map I can now see my indoor sensor. But if I go to another map on the purple air site I can not see the indoor sensor. But the site shows me as being logged in. I am assuming there is a credential issue here.

Hi @aircheck2000, this is due to your sensor being registered as private. To view a private sensor, you will need to either use a custom link or log into the map with the Google account used as the Owner’s Email on the registration form. More information is available here: Associated Email vs. Owner's Email.

The Owner’s Email on your device is not a Google email address. This is likely why you are unable to see the sensor.

Thanks. I am able to see the sensor on the map with the URL sent in the confirmation for the registration. That URL has the specific location of the sensor and that is working.