Purpleair/NOAA Map

When you type AQI in the search bar, a map is shown with some Purpleair sensors on it, but not mine. At first I thought I might have set it to private, but I hadn’t. Then I found I had it set to indoors (during the first couple of days to get to know it.) I set it to outdoors via the Registration Resubmission. It said all was good, and my new info has been applied. Still, I don’t see my sensor on that map. Any clues what might be going on?

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Hi @nearby,

I have pulled up your sensor and see that it is online and reporting to the PurpleAir map. You can view it here: Real-Time Air Quality Map | PurpleAir.

If the sensor appears in the incorrect location, you can change it through the registration page. More information is available here: Move Sensor Location and Map Marker.

I think I was too impatient. It showed up this morning. It obviously takes time to push the new settings out to the various networks… We’re good now. Thanks!

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