Move Sensor Location and Map Marker

How to Move The Location of a Sensor

If the sensor has moved location and you want to move the map marker to reflect that change, please email us to archive the sensor first. More information is found here: What does it mean to Archive a PurpleAir Sensor?.

Move Map Marker or Wrong Location on the Map

Sometimes placing the map marker can be tricky. To change the position of the map marker, you will need to refill out the registration form. You can also open the registration confirmation email received from the previous registration and click the “modify this registration” link. By clicking that link, your last registration details will auto-populate, and you will only need to change the details you want and not have to fill out the form completely.

From here, you will drag and drop the red marker on the map. That marker indicates where the map marker will appear on the map. You can zoom in to ensure it is in the correct location.


Remove the Previous Map Marker

We do not remove any sensor’s previous (grey) map marker. However, you can hide it on the map.

Map markers go gray when they are offline. This could be because they have lost power, the sensor has been replaced with a new sensor, or the owner has moved locations. The map markers remain on the map to show where previous sensors have been placed and keep the data accessible.

With default settings on the PurpleAir map, grey map markers will no longer be visible after seven days of inactivity. You can adjust this setting by clicking on the gear icon in the top left-hand corner of the map. The option “Reporting or modified within:” will filter out any sensors that have not reported within the selected time frame.

Screenshot 2023-02-13 at 11.38.34 AM

If the gray marker is obstructing the view of your current sensor, you can move the new sensor’s map marker over the gray dot, essentially covering it until it drops off the map. (You can do this by resubmitting the registration form here).

Learn More

Learn more about updating registration details.
Learn more about archiving sensors.

I have found it useful to use Google Maps in another browser window, drop a pin on the exact location I want, then copy & paste the coordinates into the registration. This allows me to use Satellite view, which isn’t possible on the registration page.