Setting a Sensor's Location (No Man’s Land)

You will need to set the map location to see your sensor on the map. If the location isn’t set, it will appear in what we call No Man’s Land (near Antarctica).

If you have completed registration and set a map location and are still unable to view your sensor on the map, please review the articles listed under “Learn More” at the bottom of this article.


To set the sensor’s location, you will need to do so while registering your sensor. In the registration form, ensure the “Set a location on the map” box is checked and drag the red map marker to your desired location.

You can also open the registration confirmation email from the previous registration and click the “modify this registration” link. By clicking that link, your last registration details will auto-populate, and you will only need to add the map location.

From here, you will drag and drop the red marker on the map. That marker indicates where the sensor map marker will appear on the PurpleAir map. You can zoom in to ensure it is in the correct location.

You can place the map marker wherever it is most convenient for you. The closer the map marker is to the sensor’s location, the higher your Position Rating will be. Your Position Rating will not impact your AQI readings. You can view your Position Rating in the map settings under the “Data layer” drop-down.

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That’s actually pretty amusing to see the 60-odd sensors floating near Antarctica…