Repurpose, Rename & Relocate A Sensor On The Map

I’m attempting to “reuse/repurpose” a PA-II (6.01) sensor I previously configure its original vector (lat/long) on the map with its original unique name, to a new vector (lat/long) and give it a new unique name.

Although the setup steps allow me to configure the sensor, and the sensor does collect data, the sensor still appears in the original location, with the original unique name.

Any aid and assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Hi @Cornelius_Healy, when registering the sensor, make sure that you are entering the correct device ID. Is the marker on the PurpleAir map for your sensor gray? And do you have the device ID of your sensor available? If you would not like to share it publicly, you can send it in a personal message to me, or in an email to

Is this sensor physically moving locations? If so, we ask that you let us know so that we can archive the data. This will associate the previously collected data with the sensor’s previous location, and then you can setup the device in a new location to collect new data.

Ethan - Much appreciation for circling back on this. After input from another individual at purpleair, I’ve successfully fixed the problem, and all is well.
Thanks once again, and have a wonderful day ahead!

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