Replacing Sensors in the PA-II

I am about to replace some sensors in our Purple AIr monitors that had downgraded channels. I found the link to the videos showing how to do this. After we replace the sensors in the Purple Air monitor, will I need to contact Purple Air help in order to “reset” that downgraded tag on the sensor. I.e. do I need to do any follow up with Purple Air after changing out the sensors, or can I just start using it again in the field?

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Hi @ProtectPT,

This depends on how the channels were downgraded. If the channels on your device were downgraded automatically, you would not need to contact PurpleAir to display the readings on the map again. If you received notice from PurpleAir that they manually downgraded channels, then you will need to send an email to get the downgrades removed.

Okay. then I believe they were downgraded automatically because I was not contacted by Purple Air about the downgrade; I saw that they were downgraded on the real time map. Is that correct?

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That should be correct. Once the laser counters have been replaced, leave the sensor for a bit so its confidence score can increase. Once the confidence score reaches a high enough level, the channel’s downgrade will be removed.