Channel B downgraded

Map button reads low, time graph appears correct.
I blew compressed air through the unit displacing some dust, but map appearance has not changed.
Any thoughts?
What is the recourse if unit has become defective?

Time graph for unit above, showing more correct PM value, and July 4 fireworks spike.

Hi @tmcnevin, it looks like your sensor is reporting a very low confidence score. If you view the two channels for your sensor in the image of the graph you sent, you can see that channel A is showing readings dramatically lower than the readings from channel B. Because of this, your sensor has downgraded channel B and is reporting the other channel on the map. That appears incorrect, so I have switched the downgraded channel to channel A.

If you have tried cleaning out the laser counters, you may want to look into laser counter replacement. If you are interested, please send an email to with your order number.

Thanks, that helps a bit. Interestingly, the time graph still shows A data as B.

What does a counter replacement cost? Can you do one, or does the unit consist of both?

Was this previously received and has there been any progress on your response?

My apologies for the delay, I was out of the office for a short time. Replacement laser counters cost $45 + shipping and can be replaced yourself. The following link will bring you to a video on how to complete that process: LC ReplacementPA-IISDNew.mp4 - Google Drive. The laser counters come already connected in a pair.

I have a similar problem as tmcnevin.

Channel A is downgraded (multiplied by 9%) but based on nearby readings, I believe it is acting correctly.

Channel B is near Zero - not similar to nearby readings.

I have cleaned the openings with compressed air several times.

Is there any way to downgrade channel B (not use it) and just use channel A?

I just acquired a WiFi booster which has a different network ID than what my unit is connected to. How do I change it to the boosted network?

The video is nice but where do I get the counter?

View this article for help resetting the WiFi connection: Reset the WiFi Network Connection.

To order laser counters, send an email to with your inquiry.

Thank you, Ethan.

I will look at the video link you sent to @tmcnevin in the Channel B downgraded topic and see if replacing the sensors is something I can do.

I installed a router booster that is half the distance to the sensor as the main router. I think I connected the ssensor to the booster, which has a different name, but the signal still stinks (-76). How do I tell which one the sensor is connected to?