Channel A Downgraded

I have a similar problem as tmcnevin.

Channel A is downgraded, but based on nearby readings, I believe it is acting correctly.

Channel B is near Zero - not similar to nearby readings.

I have cleaned the openings with compressed air several times.

Is there any way to downgrade channel B (not use it) and just use channel A?

Hi @pdnagf, I see that your sensor’s readings match closely with neighboring sensors. I have downgraded channel B and reactivated channel A in your device.

Thanks Ethan.

I will look at the video link you sent to @tmcnevin in the Channel B downgraded topic and see if replacing the sensors is something I can do.

I also have the same issue with my sensor Real-Time Air Quality Map | PurpleAir
The purpleair map is incorrectly reporting laser A as being bad and thinking B is ok and reporting on it. Simultaneously, the widget is working and correctly showing A as bad and reporting B correctly. I have not inspected the device yet to potentially clear it.