Filtering to "My Sensors" with non-Gmail Account

On the real time map, I’d like to filter to all the sensors I own (both public and private). I noticed a login option on the map, but it seems like it’s a separate login to my Community Forum account and will only allow me to choose a Google account.

If the sensors are registered to a non-Gmail account, is there a way to create an account associated with the map? Can the map only show my sensors?


Currently, logging in to the PurpleAir map is only supported for Google Accounts. If your sensors are registered to a non-Google email address, then there are two options allowing you to log in to the map:

  1. You can Google Associate your currently registered email with a Google Account and log in
  2. You can send an email to requesting that we transfer ownership of your sensors to a Google Account. If doing this, please send the request from the currently registered email.

Once logged in, ensure that the box in the configuration menu labeled “show my sensors” is checked to show private sensors owned by your email.

You can also view a private sensor without logging in by using a special link sent to you in the registration confirmation email.

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