Sensor Won’t Connect to your WiFi Network

If you find it difficult to connect your sensor to your preferred, local or personal, WiFi network, let’s consider this reference to ensure a compatible WiFi network is utilized.

WiFi Band

PurpleAir sensors only support 2.4GHz WiFi networks. They will need special authorization from the network administrator to allow them to communicate on captive portal networks like coffee shops, universities and other locations that use captive portals.


WiFi Encryption

PurpleAir sensors do not support WPA2-Enterprise networks at this time. Supported network types are WPA (TKIP) and WPA2-PSK (Pre-Shared Key). WPA2-PSK is the most common type of WiFi network.

Wifi Credentials

Double-check your password for your 2.4GHz WiFi network. This can be a different password than other bands or SSIDs if it is set up that way. You can check the password by logging in to the router.

Once the WiFi band, encryption, and credentials have each been verified as correct, we now may proceed to connect your sensor to your preferred, local or personal, WiFi network. Let’s continue to the third (and final) step of the connection guide here.

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I’m having trouble setting up my new sensor, hopefully this is the right place for this post.

I just received my PurpleAir PA-II sensor. I power it on, and can connect to it’s wifi via my phone and laptops. The sensor’s hotspot login page comes up. I can see my 2.4 GHz network (which is WPA2-PSK). I put in the password, hit save, then… nothing. The SSID appears in the top right part of the screen, but the grey bar across the top stays " WiFi Disconnected Please configure WiFi."

I’ve disconnected all wifi products (TV, SONOS, Eufy camera, all other phones/computers) and that hasn’t helped. I’ve tried connecting to both of my wifi routers (a Vodaphone modem and a Linksys WRT running Express VPN)

I am able to go into the “live” portion of the hotspot login screen and see live data from the sensor, but the sensor itself is not able to log into either wifi network.

Any ideas?

Do you know if you have any security settings on your router that could prohibit the sensor from connecting? Is the sensor also able to connect for a few moments/minutes before disconnecting from the WiFi, or does it disconnect immediately?

Another thing you could check is if you have a different WiFi password for your 2.4GHz band. Some routers allow you to have two different passwords for the 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands.

Hello, I am having the same issue with 3 different purple air PA-II-SDs with a particular hotspot, the Coolpad Surf hotspot. (332A? 332? i think is the hotspot model. it looks like this mine looks like this

I have had the PurpleAir units work with other hotspots, this one is from Sprint. I have gotten other models (Franklin T9) to work in my area.

There is no router in my case, only a simple hotspot unit

I have a sensor that won’t stay connected to our unsecured campus WiFi network. This is a recent problem after about a year in the same location with no issues. I am able to reconfigure it but it drops the connection. I have confirmed that adequate WiFi signal strength. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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My outdoor unit generates an “error connecting” message when it attempts to connect to a wireless network with WPA2 encryption that does not require a password. When I select the aforementioned network in the WiFi settings, leave the password field blank and select the >>Save radio box with the password field blank, nothing happens.Is the Purple config software written to not accept null in the password field, or is there something else I could trouble shoot?

Hi ewhite,
I have the same problem, frequent disconnection. Did you get any helpful info or fix?

I have a problem with sensor not reconnecting with WiFi on its own after an intermittent network is back.
Sensor needs manual reconfiguration to the network.
Any help is appreciated.

We have a few new PA-II outdoor sensors and are having trouble keeping it connected to our campus guest wireless network. No captive portal, just WPA2. The signal strength is green, but it remains disconnected. Have power cycled. Anything else?