Can’t See the Sensor's Network

One of the most simple reasons why you can’t see the sensor’s network is because the sensor is connected to a network. If you have successfully registered your sensor, check the map to see if your sensor is online.

You may find a need to access the Sensor’s Hotspot Login Page while the sensor is not connected to your preferred, local or personal, WiFi network (referred to as local WiFi for the remainder of this guide.) If the sensor is not broadcasting its SSID, PurpleAir-****, let’s consider this guide to resolve the issue.

The **** is a 2-4 character code determined by your sensor.

Make sure the sensor is receiving power by checking that the power outlet is working, and the power supply is securely connected to the power outlet and sensor. A light will turn on in the PurpleAir sensor to show it is receiving power.

It’s best to configure your sensor to your WiFi with the router, WiFi-enabled device (e.g., cellphone, tablet, laptop), and sensor in the same room. The PurpleAir-**** network SSID may take up to 10 minutes to appear after your sensor has been powered on.

If the sensor is in range of a WiFi network that it was previously configured to, you will need to reset the WiFi network connection.

Once the PurpleAir-**** network SSID is visible, we now may proceed to connect your sensor to the local WiFi.