Wireless Connection Failing

PurpleAir-427c stops working on wireless that it has been working on. After many test have determined it will not connect to any wireless that requires a password. Tried multiple.
Created an open SSID with no password and it connects. This is not a solution just verifying issue. Have deleted that wifi and cannot connect to any other with password. 2.4 GHz.

Does anyone have a solution for this. Maybe TLS or SSL issue.

What model is your router? You may need to set it to allow WPA2/3 Mixed mode authentication if it is new enough to have WPA3. You might also check that no other Wifi router has appeared nearby with the same network name but different password or auth settings.

We have Cisco 5760 controllers and wireless 3702 APs. There is no WPA 3.
We tested on 3 different ssids (Different rule sets on each including one that has no rule set up just for test… 1 of which it was on when it was working and just stopped working at some point.
Then we tested on an personal internet service not on our network. Tested on Linksys EA6400 and EA7300. Both are WPA2. Would not connect with password both connect without password requirement.

Sounds like some sort of hardware failure. Contact PA and see if they can send you a replacement sensor.

Yeah. I was thinking that after all the testing. Unfortunately we are in Bermuda so not sure a replacement is supported. Guess hoping maybe a firmware update. Shipping back and forth sometimes cost as much as a unit does. May bring in my home router which supports mixed mode you suggested just as a final test.

Thanks for the input. Really appreciated.

You might check what firmware your sensor is running – it’s in the lower left hand corner of the device’s internal webpages – but there haven’t been material changes to the firmware in quite some time. Most common version is 7.02 or 7.04 depending on the sensor model & revision. The firmware is controlled by PA, but they can downgrade you remotely if firmware is suspected.

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One additional troubleshooting step you can try is connecting your sensor to a mobile hotspot. You could also set up a WiFi network using the SSID and device ID as mentioned in the link.

If you would like to completely reset the device, you can re-flash firmware using the PurpleAir Utility.

Let us know if this helps or if you’re still experiencing the issue.