BME680 Fails Pressure Plausibility Test

Thought to check my barometer against my PA-II-Flex and noticed that my Flex Channel B began failing the plausibility check (per p7 ~12/29/22, roughly 6mo ago, as it reads in the low 600s for mbar. Minimum for plausibility check is 900hPa. Looked at neighboring sensors on the map and noticed another has the same issue in the region, started 1.5mo earlier.

We’ve had several high wind events that have knocked out power earlier this year so power cycling does not seem to fix the problem. Doesn’t seem to affect any of the meaningful measurements directly but I am worried about whether you all utilize the IIR filter because several conversions, mainly the EPA PM2.5, correct with a temperature coefficient. The IIR filter applies to temperature and pressure according to the BME680 data sheet so I’d like to get my pressure sensor back in working order.

Any ideas on how to kick some sense into the sensor?

Adding images. Sea level pressure right now should be ~1015.5mbar. Sensor “A” is correctly around the actual raw/sea level pressure. Sensor “B” is obviously incorrect. There is one other sensor, a PA-II, with a similar failure in my area - not shown - so it may not be the BME680.

Is there anything that can be done to correct sensor “B” in my PA-II Flex? Thanks!