Troubleshooting sensor performance

Question. My outdoor purplear monitor seems to be measuring lower than most sensors in neighborhood. How do I test that it is accurate, not damaged, etc?

The type or model of sensor

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I am having kind of the same issue, not sure who to contact. I have a brand new sensor and it is reading high for particulates and VERY high for temperature. In addition the little indicators at the bottom are not looking good and the linked help doc is useless (it tells me what they mean, but not what to do with them if they are not looking right).

Do I just return this sensor?

It is 42F here and high 80’s/low 90’s humidity. So this thing is WAY off.

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Hi @John_G_Palasz

For a flex device, the best way to check its accuracy is to compare the readings from its two channels. If you look at its graph on the map, you should see 2 distinctly colored lines. These indicate the two channels.

If this issue is still happening, feel free to email us at

Hi @N_T

If you send an email to, we can look at your sensor and talk with you about replacement/troubleshooting.