New unit, one sensor already malfunctioning

My new Flex-II went online in mid-August. By late September, one of the two sensors was reporting bad data. I have vacuumed, blown air, and reset power. The first few times I did these things, the until was back to 100%. But it is now stuck going between 70% and roughly 56% confidence. Based on the other sensors around me, I’d guess that the B sensor is broken (it’s reporting lower than everybody else).

I’ve emailed Purple at least five times so far (both to the contact address they usually post here, and a few times via the Shop portal). I’ve yet to receive a response of any kind.
(UPDATE: They did respond and my service provider moved it to a spam folder I had to find on the web.)

I’m obviously not going to buy a replacement sensor. I just spent $300 (included power unit), so it should work more than 90 days.

What would happen if I just remove the B sensor and only use the A?


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Hi @Lawduck, we’ve received your emails and responded, but it looks like you never received our replies.

Please check your spam folder. If our messages still don’t appear, contact us using a different email or send me a direct message here on the forums. We want to ensure you’re properly supported and are here to assist.


This is exactly what happened, and the email went to spam at the service-provider level, so I had to dig through their web interface to find the reply. But sure enough, they did reply and are working to solve my problem.

Thank you to Josh and the team for getting my over this hurdle!