Unreliable sharing with IQAir


I have a PA-2 located outside and an IQAir air visual pro inside. My PA-2 is registered as my location, so I have a nice display of indoor and outdoor air quality.

This was working great for years, but in the last year the data has become unreliable. Frequently I’ll see that my outdoor sensor data is very stale. I’m pretty sure the problem is on the iqair side of things, but I’m not sure how to debug this. Does anyone happen to know how iqair pulls purple air data? For instance, right now my sensor isn’t showing up on the iqair map and my device says my station hasn’t published data since 23:00 yesterday, but my sensor shows current data on the purple air map.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Is everyone else seeing their sensor on the iqair map? I’ve emailed their support but haven’t gotten a response.

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I’m experiencing the same issue as you but I just have one outdoor purple sensor sending data to IQair. For the past two months my sensor would stop sending data to IQair off and on for hours or days

“NO CURRENT DATA This station has stopped providing data. Last update 20:00, Aug 18:” from iqair site

I contacted Eian here and data is uploading and sending fine on the purple air side.

On the IQair site I can see my sensor is receiving data with date and times

If you look on the IQair map and app my sensor has disappeared also

support is not very helpful and confirms everything is okay

On the airnow app i have added location’s for an aprrox 50 mile radius from my location. I have seen other sensors go offline for hours, days, weeks!! then suddenly appear again supplying data. Our location maybe??

keep me posted with any updates you my find

So this may be unrelated, but a couple months ago I noticed that my dew point reading was off (it was obviously broken, showing like 255 or 0 or something, I can’t recall.) I bought a replacement sensor from purple air and since installing that my sensor has been showing up reliably on my iqair.

I suppose it’s possible that the aberrant readings from that sensor were causing the iqair to reject the sensor data. Seems odd that it would sometimes (a couple of times a day) make it through. It’s also possible that the sensor going offline for a few hours while I replaced that sensor caused something in the data path to reset so when it came back online it was happy again. Or it could be a complete coincidence. Probably worth checking into though.

I’m considering buying a PurpleAir sensor and already have IQAir. Have only had a short time, approx. 1 month, and have had it shut off (down) twice now for inconsistent (i think too high) pm 2.5 readings. This is frustrating because our community has a quarry and lots of people living on gravel roads. I think the levels do spike high depending on driving (commuting) and the large quarry activity. I need accuracy because I’ve developed a breathing problem and need to know when it’s safe to breathe outside air. Does anyone have experience with having both vs. just one sensor? I’m hoping two of differing kinds would increase accuracy and maybe they wont BOTH shutdown? Or, maybe it would be wasting my money? Want to add that the IQAir has had lower than expected pm 2.5 readings, (some are 6.0 or less) at times. That’s good, if it’s accurate. BUT, at the same time, hard to believe given our area conditions.

Back offline again on the IQair site, frustrating. I have many followers using my data for the outside air quality