Stopped appearing on map, cannot connect via wifi or hotspot

I’ve had my purple air sensor (PA II) for a few years now. Suddenly it stopped communicating with the map. I plugged it in inside to see if it was still working and I can still hear it humming away. However, when I attempt to access it via wifi, the purple air web page (Configure your sensor | PurpleAir) gives me an error: Error connecting to the sensor. My wifi configuration (router, settings, etc.) has not changed in well over a year. I then attempt to log into the purple air hot spot, but there isn’t one.

Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong? Did it just wear out?


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I have been having trouble recently too with my PA II, but not my indoor sensor. I even tried to connect it to a different router just a few feet away, but it is still having trouble staying connected. I usually can’t even get it’s web interface to load and it’s a few feet away from the wifi source.

I’m suspecting that it may have been due to a recent firmware update because I noticed that my devices are on a new major version, 7.00.

I was able to get a few json response back from the PA-II which looked normal one time, but another time showed some differences. The ts_latency values are significantly higher on the outdoor/not working sensor and the key*_response values are different. For the not working PA-II, the values are -1, whereas I see 200 responses for the working indoor sensor.

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Have you been able to figure this out? I’m having the same problem and posted on it too.