Stopped appearing on map, cannot connect via wifi or hotspot

I’ve had my purple air sensor (PA II) for a few years now. Suddenly it stopped communicating with the map. I plugged it in inside to see if it was still working and I can still hear it humming away. However, when I attempt to access it via wifi, the purple air web page (Configure your sensor | PurpleAir) gives me an error: Error connecting to the sensor. My wifi configuration (router, settings, etc.) has not changed in well over a year. I then attempt to log into the purple air hot spot, but there isn’t one.

Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong? Did it just wear out?


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I have been having trouble recently too with my PA II, but not my indoor sensor. I even tried to connect it to a different router just a few feet away, but it is still having trouble staying connected. I usually can’t even get it’s web interface to load and it’s a few feet away from the wifi source.

I’m suspecting that it may have been due to a recent firmware update because I noticed that my devices are on a new major version, 7.00.

I was able to get a few json response back from the PA-II which looked normal one time, but another time showed some differences. The ts_latency values are significantly higher on the outdoor/not working sensor and the key*_response values are different. For the not working PA-II, the values are -1, whereas I see 200 responses for the working indoor sensor.

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Have you been able to figure this out? I’m having the same problem and posted on it too.

My organisation owns 3 sensors aroud a cement plant and now one of them doesn’t show on the map, neither in the list when I search for it. It was called " “Cimenterie McInnis - Anse McInnis”" and located in the same area as the two others, by the sea : Real-Time Air Quality Map | PurpleAir

Same problem again, but differetly. “Cimenterie McInnis - Anse McInnis” now appears, but “Cimenterie McInnis - Station Est” doesn’t apprear anymore.

Here’s a helpfull answer from Purple Air staff :
"The sensor will appear gray on the map if it is disconnected from the Wi-Fi. It will disconnect from the Wi-Fi if there is an issue with the Wi-Fi connection or it loses power. So, if the sensor is gray, it could be any number of things. Such as the power supply not receiving power, the power cord becoming faulty or disconnecting, or the Wi-Fi connection.

If the dot has disappeared, it’s likely the option selected on the PurpleAir map. If you click on the gear in the top left-hand corner of the map, there is an option called “Reporting or modified within.” This selection will show any sensor currently reporting or if it had been online within the selected time frame."

I am having the same problem. No PA wi fi to hook into now. Blue and green lights flashing


We have a similar problem. The PA is not giving a hotspot, so there is no way to connect it to the Wifi. This problem appeared after two months of logging. What can we do?