PA-II "Current status not received for XX minutes"

My PA-II is report “Current status not received for XX minutes”. WiFi shows strong signal. No insects have nested in it, yet. Sensor confidence is reporting 100%. Firmware 7.0. Doesn’t appear to be a communication issue, it’s just not reporting data over the reportedly good connection.

Trouble shooting steps?

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I’d confirm that you did the wifi configuration and attach procedure right. Almost sounds like the meter doesn’t know the right wifi address to report over.

It reports, “This sensor’s WiFi signal strength is good at -54dbm” So it’s connected to WiFi and communicating some data, just not sensor data. Sensor data reappears randomly for random periods. It’s been functioning for for about a year and has not been messed with. Misconfiguration seems unlikely.

Could the issue be with the power connection? If the sensor is disconnected and reconnected to power, it will automatically reconnect to the WiFi. I wonder if the device is losing power at random moments, causing the readings it reports to be sporadic. When the sensor is not reporting, I recommend checking the inside to see if any lights are on.

Too bright out to see at the moment. I’ll check when it’s darker. It’s down about as much as it’s up. It’s been down for 01h11m on this outage. I unplugged and replugged the transformer. That has not convinced it to start reporting again. It will magically start to work again for a while at some point.

If I connect to its LAN IP directly, I can see that it has readings. It’s just not coming up on the map or a widget embedded in a web page.

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I have identical issues with my PA-I and PA-II sensors. It doesn’t appear to be a function of wifi strength or sensor age as it occurs with all of them. It usually resolves itself after a while but I’ve experienced the status not being received for a few hours on occasion. @Purple_Air any thoughts on the issue or time-line on a correction would be appreciated.

It doesn’t seem to have the same problem with my indoor sensor. That would indicate that it’s not my router blocking something.

I’m seeing the same behavior and have been for some time (including prior to 7.00 firmware). My PAII is associated with a commercial grade AP (Ubiquiti NanoHD running latest production firmware), which shows TX/RX status and connect times. It disconnects every ~2 to ~20 minutes, then reconnects. The reconnect process takes around 10 seconds. The PAII and the AP are separated by ~20 feet and are in line of sight of each other through a window (no screen). The AP reports the disconnect as follows:

Thu Jul 28 09:46:58 2022 kern.warn kernel: [1899596.026210] ra1: (CFG80211_OpsStaDel)80211> Delete STA(10:52:1C:xx:xx:xx)subtype(10:disassoc,12:deauth)::12 reason code::2

Reason code 2 is “Previous authentication is no longer valid”

I too am having this same issue. I had to replace my laser sensor as I had a different error before this current one. Once I replaced the sensor, I was getting the correct readings. It looked like things went back to normal. However, the monitor turned grey on the map with a “This sensor is not reporting this parameter at the moment.” issue after working fine for a day and a half or so. It goes back to normal when I unplug it and then plug it in again. But, I always have to reconnect to my wifi. Then after some time, it goes grey.