Sensor online, but unable to connect to

I just moved, and am trying to get my sensor back online. I’ve received the go-ahead to re-register, and my sensor is on my wifi, but:

  • The PurpleAir-0000 wifi hotspot is still showing up (my understanding is that if it has a successful wifi connection, that should disappear)
  • I can only access its hosted page by connecting directly to the wifi hotspot, not through its assigned LAN IP.
  • The status indicator on its hosted page shows UPD ( as red (thingsspeak and google are all green, and ntp are yellow)
  • No data is showing up on the online map.

It’s running v7.04. Any ideas why it’s unable to successfully report yet?

Sounds like the WiFi network on the hotspot isn’t configured correctly. Can you verify that the router is responding to the PA’s DHCP request with a valid IP and proper routing information?

This is likely related to the problem.

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Yup, there must be something wrong with my IoT LAN, even though the settings are identical. I’ll leave it on my regular LAN for now…

Glad to find that it wasn’t an issue with the PA hardware or power cord.

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