Unable to connect to sensor hotspot on any device

We have a new PA-II-FLEX and are attempting Startup. We are encountering an obstacle

On an initial attempt to work through the Sensor Startup Guide, the sensor hotspot did show up on my iPhone. We then proceeded to the next step in the Startup procedure. However, at the “Hotspot Login Page” step, everything just stalled. We waited 45 minutes. Nothing advanced.

Now, on subsequent attempts, we do not see the sensor hotspot showing up on any device (laptop, the original iPhone, a different iPhone).

Has anyone else in this forum encountered this obstacle during the Startup procedure? Any advice or guidance? Thanks.

Hi @Susan, this answer may help you set up your device: Purple air sensor lost connection - #2 by Ethan_Breinholt.

You can try to disable mobile data on your device before connecting to the PurpleAir-**** network. Some phones will prioritize mobile data instead of using the PurpleAir-**** network as it does not provide an internet connection.

You can also try removing the SD card during the setup process.