Connecting sensor to my cell phone hotspot


I am trying to use the sensor within my campus which I cannot connect the PurpleAir sensor to the local wifi. So I have tried to connect the sensor to my laptop while creating a hotspot with my iphone. My laptop can connect to my hotspot, but once I connect to the PurpleAir sensor and try to connect to my hotspot through the website that pops up, I cannot find my wifi on the list.
Also, I went through the PurpleAir guide and found that if you are in unversity I need to captive portal network saying “The MAC address of the PurpleAir sensor needs to be added to the Allowed List on the router in order to use that network.” but I have no idea how I can allow the sensor to my school wifi.
any help?

Thank you

Make sure your phone hotspot is running in AP mode and transmits on the 2.4GHz band. Ad-hoc mode Wifi will not work with a PurpleAir.

Rather than shoulder the expense of running a 24/7 hotspot, I would contact campus IT / computing coordinator / community networking / whatever they call it for your school. You’re not the first person to need to connect an IoT device to the campus network and they likely have special WiFi networks set up for precisely this situation (or for their own PA sensors even).

The PurpleAir sensor does not need access to any university resources other than bandwidth to the PurpleAir servers.