Sensor went offline, is it dead?

I’ve run the ‘Carrum’ sensor for a couple of years now.
I have a ping alert on the sensor, so I know that at about 5pm yesterday afternoon it dropped off my network, which very rarely happens.
I have power cycled it a number of time, even giving it 5 minutes before turning it back on.
I can see the red light inside, but it never reconnects and doesn’t broadcast the wifi network.
I have rebooted my APs (UniFi) as a precaution.
Is it dead? I know these do over the air updates, is there a chance one of these has bricked it?

Hi @Azer, in this case, let’s try using the PurpleAir utility to see if we can get your sensor’s WiFi network to appear again. With this utility, you can reflash the firmware on your device. You will need a micro-USB cable to complete this task, and the cable has to be a data transfer cable.

You can download and install the PurpleAir utility here:
macOS: (You may need to right-click on the file and choose Open for it to run)

Once the utility is installed, connect your sensor to your computer using your micro-USB cable. Select the appropriate com port in the utility under "Select a Serial Port” and press "Connect” to see the sensor output. Under "Select a Flash Action,” select the firmware .bin file and click "Flash” to update the firmware on the sensor (The current firmware version is 6.01).

Once the firmware is downloaded, check the list of available WiFi networks for a network called PurpleAir-**** (The *’s will be the last two to four characters of your sensor’s device ID). Connect to it and follow the WiFi configuration instructions on the pop-up window if you see this network.

If you do not see this network, take a screenshot of what you are seeing so we can continue to troubleshoot.

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