Long existing sensor now can't connect to my WiFi

My sensor suddenly went gray, nothing received for 10+ hours. The power light is on. When I log in to Purple Air and get the sensor page it shows “WiFi Disconnected Please configure WiFi”. My local network is shown in the network list with 3 yellow bars and the radio button is selected. I put in the local WiFi password and Save. It always comes back with the “WiFi Disconnected” message and “No Changes”. No hardware or software changes have been made to my network. Any help would be appreciated…thanks!

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I’m having the same issue as you are. Additionally it won’t attach to our 2nd wifi network either. Have changed and rehanged the password multiple times.

Problem Solved for me. Network firewall was blocking the device. My network admin saw it on the firewall one day and “blocked” it from accessing the internet since he didn’t know what it was. Unblocked it and device working normally.

Weirdly after 3 days offline, today I checked and the sensor is back online, connecting to my Wifi. Made no changes or resetting, it was just outside as usual. Not sure if this means it is beginning to age out or what, but at least working for now.