PurpleAir-**** network not available

I’ve had a sensor up outside for about a year after which it stopped reporting. The red power light comes on, but when unplugging and restarting at a different location apart from the wi-fi network it was formerly on, I never get the startup PurpleAir-**** network to appear. My assumption is that the wifi for the sensor has stopped working altogether and I will need to replace the sensor. Just checking to make sure there is nothing else I can try to troubleshoot or fix the issue with the sensor not reporting or able to connect. Thanks

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Hi @jcothran, make sure that you leave the device plugged in away from the previous network for at least 10 minutes when looking for the PurpleAir-**** WiFi network.

If that doesn’t work you can try erasing the device’s flash memory and re-flashing the firmware. Send an email to contact@purpleair.com if re-flashing doesn’t work or you would like assistance with the process.

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Thanks Joshua! Flashing the device worked to get the wi-fi and connectivity going again.