Sensor died. It’s only a few months old

My sensor died. It’s only a few months old. How do I get a replacement?
Do I need to send it somewhere to repaired?


Try following the steps in our Troubleshooting Sensor Not Receiving Power. If your sensor still does not power on, contact our support team by sending an email to with your device ID and we can assist.

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Thanks. Got it working. It must have a loose wire inside. Just touching it will cause the light to go out. But it still seems to be working.

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If you have a PurpleAir Touch or PurpleAir Zen, you can double tap the sensor to change the LED brightness.

If you have a PurpleAir Classic device, it’s possible that the internal power cable could be loose from what you’ve described.

If neither of the above are the cause of the issue, please send an email to We want to ensure your sensor is working properly, and not just barely.