Double-Tap to Change LED Brightness

PurpleAir Touch and Zen sensors can be double-tapped to cycle through different brightness options.

The taps have to be spaced out correctly for the mechanism to trigger. If the brightness does not change, try tapping faster or slower.

PurpleAir Touch Double-Tap

It is possible that placing something down or bumping the counter a sensor is on can activate the double-tap mechanism. If the light on your device is dimmed or off, try double-tapping it to change the current setting.

After getting my sensor set up the tap function stopped working (on the Zen outside).
My internet reset and the LED air quality identifier light came back on, I was hoping I could just double tap, but it seems to not be responding to taps at all anymore.
I know I can reset via its settings web page, which I’ll do eventually, but I was hoping to utilize the ease of tapping.
Any solutions to the tapping not responding?

Hi @klkeefer

The tap feature ceasing to function isn’t something that we’ve seen before. You mentioned that it’s placed outside, have you tried taking it inside to see if functionality returns?