My Sensor has no light, but it appears to be connecting

My sensor has no light in. Sensor was purchased recently. Left it working with lights showing, went back a couple hours later and there was no light. relocated and plugged it in near Wi-Fi, no light is in it, however, the Wi-Fi seems to be picking it up. Any idea why? Is this normal?
When I plugged it in, the red light comes on then off. Not sure what is happening.

Hello @Tracey_Campbell

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There is a tap feature of the Zen that can be accidentally turned off. It is possible that something may have caused it to turn off. Double tap the sensor and it should come back on. Doing a successive tap can alter the brightness as well. If this does not work, let me know and we can see where to go from there.

For more information, check out our article on the double tap feature found here: Double-Tap to Change LED Brightness

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