PurpleAir PA-I-Indoor Dim and Flashing

This morning I found my PurpleAir PA-I-Indoor sensor’s light dim. It is now difficult to see at a short distance (10 feet). Also, the dim light is slowly flashing on from dim to dimmer every two seconds or so. I suppose it is trying to tell me that something is wrong, but what could that be? The FAQ does not seem to address this problem.

I tried unplugging and tried a different outlet, but neither attempts solved the problem.
I have had the PurpleAir PA-I-Indoor sensor for about 1.5 years. It sits on a kitchen table.

Same for me, the readings look fine though, but LED behavior has changed exactly the same way as yours. Did the units get a firmware update that changes their behavior, maybe?

It looks like my sensor is using version 7.00 firmware. I have no idea when it began using that version; months ago?, yesterday? I notice that serveral other sensors nearby are using version 7.00.
Likewise, my sensor seems to be operating normally, except for the dim flashing light.

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I’m having this same issue with my indoor sensor.

Same here, bit indoor and outdoor sensors are on v7.0 now, not entirely sure what the previous version was and when it changed?

A change - the sensor blinks differently today. Now for about 3 secs it is at a normal looking brightness, and then changes to dimmer brightness for about 2 secs.

same on my end as well!

The change with the LED occurred with the release of our latest firmware, 7.00. The reason the brightness was lowered was that a new formula is being used to set the brightness of PurpleAir sensors. This new formula allows for higher precision at lower values. Before, an LED could either be too bright or off, and there was no in-between. We have changed the default brightness, and you should now see that change reflected on your indoor sensors.

The LED will also have a new “breathing” effect. This effect will help you know that the sensor is alive and functioning. Before, the sensor could crash, and the LED would not be able to indicate information about that. Now, if the sensor is not blinking, you know that the sensor may be having an issue.

This new firmware is setting up the groundwork for innovations with PurpleAir, and for helping to improve our implementation of the Bosch BME680 sensor.

Users are now able to change the LED settings through the registration form. You can read more about this here: Change the LED Settings on your Sensors.

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