PA-II sensors give different results

I have a PA-II installe outdoors. Recently I have observed that the two sensors are giving results that differ by as much as a factor of two. Does the PA-II need to be replaced? Can you replace the sensors?

Hi @bbjorndal, I recommend viewing our Sensor Maintenance article for the next steps. You can try cleaning out your sensor. You are also able to replace the laser counters inside.

I purchased my PA-II FLEX in late May and two or so weeks in, the sensors starting diverging by 75% and now more. I read through the maintenance page and tried using my shop vacuum on the round sensor holes for a couple of minutes but it didn’t improve, it might have gotten slightly worse. The unit is almost brand new so there hasn’t been much time for debris and insects to congest the sensor. I could try the canned air, but it seems like a waste on a four week old sensor.