PA II Flex - Cleaned and Still Erroneous Readings

After PA II Flex stopped being accurate, I took it down and did see a spider evacuate. I followed instructions to clean with a vacuum and and then canned air pressure. Put it back up, readings are till in the 8,000’s on the app and 2,000’s online, with reliability at 56%. I saw the suggestion to take it apart to clean inside but that’s seems rather complicated and I feel if I did this it could lead to further problems, and the website says it’s not an official step in the process.

This PA II Flex is only 7 months old.

Any help on what to do?
Thank you,

Hi @lisafelipa

It is likely that a spider web is present inside of the laser counters, as you did see a spider leave the device. Often, spider webs are resistant to the cleaning methods we recommend (vacuum and compressed air). If you would like, you can attempt to open up the device using the previously referenced guide. However, if you don’t want to attempt that, or it results in more failure than success, please send an email to and we’ll move forward with replacement.