Replacing Sensors-SD Card?

I ordered and received replacement sensors and am trying to install.

I have reviewed the how-to-replace videos LC ReplacementPA-IISDNew.mp4, as well as the LC ReplacementPA-IISD.mp4. Both videos describe removing the SD card. However, my monitor doesn’t seem to have the SD Card referred to in the videos. Am I missing something?

Hi @mtorf, this likely means you have a PA-II sensor and not a PA-II-SD. However, the process for laser counter replacement is nearly the same. You can skip any portions that mention the SD logger, as your device does not have one. We are working on creating videos for each individual sensor to make it clearer.

Thank you for clarifying.

I replaced the sensors and the unit turns on and reports data. However, only Channel A reports data. Channel B reports 0. This is the reason I ordered replacement sensors in the first place. Without a working Channel B data does not show on the map. Neither the community nor I at a remote location am able to observe this stations’ data.
Does this mean something in the wiring or circuit board failed the entire monitor must be replaced?

In this case, please email us at with the device ID of your sensor and a reference to this discussion in the community forums. We want to look at the device and see what may be occurring.