Sensor (Laser Counter) Replacement

Replacement Laser Counters

If you have attempted sensor maintenance but have been unsuccessful in fixing your issue, the laser counters in your device may need to be replaced. Laser counter replacements can be purchased through our online store. Make sure to select the correct version of laser counters for your device. The laser counters for PA-II edition sensors come in a pair, while the PA-I-Indoor laser counter comes individually. All Plantower laser counters are pre-tested in PurpleAir test chambers before being sold.

The PA-II Classic laser counter replacement process is nearly identical to the PA-II Classic SD. Any sections that mention the SD logger or SD card can be dismissed, as the non-SD version does not utilize an SD card.

The following videos will guide you through the laser counter replacement process:

If PurpleAir has manually downgraded a channel on your device, you will need to contact us to remove the downgrade.