Will dust accumulate in a PA-II?

I’ll be receiving a PA-II in a few days. Before I get the wiring to mount it outside, I’ll be using it in my car parked on the dusty desert soil. When I get in and out, there is a little dust floating around in the car for a few minutes. Assuming some of that will settle inside the unit, I’m wondering if it will cause any problems. If so, can it be cleaned or blown out in some manor? Thank you.

Hi @jimtyler
Yes, dust can accumulate inside the laser counter on your PA-II device. Also, accumulated dust inside the device’s laser counter can affect the laser counter’s reading. Performing Sensor Maintenance can help remove any types of debris stuck in the laser counter of the device.

I would also recommend checking our Sensor Installation Guide for tips and insights on what best suits your needs for installation.

Thank you. I went to the links you provided and all looks good.